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  • Marie Claire took the challenging role as Program manager Customer experience in the Eindhoven region. In this role Marie Claire has proven to be able to embrace complex content and organizational challenges in a quick and efficient manner. Her effective way of working, clear communication and stakeholder management resulted in a successful implementation of program objectives.

    Marie Claire is a very loyal and a pleasant personality to work with. Personal, flexible, but above all clear and realistic in managing expectations. Marie Claire is very effective in escalating potential delays to stakeholders and activating them to make sure the objectives are still being met within the set time.

    I am looking forward to a next opportunity to work with Marie Claire.

    November 2017

    Mr R. de Jong, Manager Customer Visit Center Best / Reference sites at Philips
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  • How to make two very different work locations, with very different activities and very different requirements feel like one? How to create a consistent visitor experience? And how to create an engaging employee experience? At a hectic moment, Marie Claire took over the project management of this challenging project. Within no time, she knew all the relevant stakeholders and fully aware of all the relevant topics. She organized the people around, helped them to prepare for these discussions and facilitated the decisions. Building on these discussions, she prepared for the Steerco presentations and presented the work done. As a result, the team created momentum and made clear steps.

    November 2017

    Mr M. Rincker, Program Director Cocreation at Philips Design
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  • Marie Claire joined our team as we were about to start implementing more agile ways of working. She immediately brought structure to the chaos and played a key role in defining a web development process that has been stable for 2 years.
    In addition, Marie Claire project managed the development activities for Canon EMEA's website redesign. This required her to manage multiple different stakeholder groups, keep control on a considerable budget and ensure a non-moveable go-live date was achieved. The project was a great success and would have had an entirely different outcome without Marie Claire.
    What I admired most about Marie Claire was her ability to keep control over so many streams of work at the same time, which demonstrated her ability to ensure the right people, were working on the right thing, at the right time. (I have first-hand experience of her very effective methods of chasing for late deliverables to ensure the project stays on track). Marie Claire is knowledgeable, polite, friendly and committed. If you ever have the chance to hire Marie Claire, do not think twice !!!

    August 2016

    Mr P. Stodart, Manager European Web Development Team at Canon Europa N.V.
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  • Marie Claire is a pleasure to work with. She is a very capable and experienced freelance program manager, able to "plug and play" in complex programs and large organizations. She strikes a good balance between managing the hard numbers (keep within budget and deliver the bottom line) and stakeholder management (within the design team and various business stakeholders). She was adding value to our Brand Refresh program from day 1.

    Juli 2014

    Ms. L. Lau, Philips Design
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  • Marie Claire is an excellent project manager, with a lot of experience which enables her to foresee how things might develop, anticipate risks and manage complex stakeholders network. Marie Claire can assure the project being delivered with high quality and on time, within the budget. Moreover, she is a nice person that you enjoy working with and her professionalism makes any interaction easy and pleasant. I would definitely work with Marie Claire again if only I could!

    November 2013

    Ms. M. Mikielska, Global Digital Communication Manager Desperados, Heineken
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  • Over the past few years I have worked closely as well as a bit more on distance with Marie Claire in different roles and projects. What continuously stands out is the fact that Marie Claire always delivers a positive vibe to the team even in tough times. Although not always easy, Marie Claire has shown to be able to navigate through a complex organisation like Philips and build, without a single exception, strong relationships with the people around her to manage the objectives and keep everyone on board. In doing so, Marie Claire shows a calm, balanced, professional and always positive approach. The fact that people are always comfortable and do not feel threatened being around Marie Claire, but do have a lot of respect for both the person as well as professional is likely the best and most appropriate compliment in this.

    December 13, 2011

    Mr. R. van Griensven, Business Process Manager Marketing - B2B, Philips
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  • Marie Claire is a great program/project manager. I had the pleasure of working with her on the Philips Lighting Online Redesign project. Marie Claire is very good at keeping a helicopter view on the project and is not afraid to work hard in order to get things done. I would recommend Marie Claire to anyone who is looking for an excellent online program/ project manager.

    December 5, 2011

    Mr. M. Koppens, Global Manager, Professional Lighting Online eCatalog, Philips
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  • Marie Claire is the best project manager I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. While most project managers look to simply achieve their tasks according to deadlines, Marie Claire goes out of her way to understand the business first and foremost.
    Without her dedication, attention to detail, and discipline, we would not have been able to achieve the complete overall of Philips Lighting's online presence. I would gladly hire her again.

    January 5, 2011

    Mr. K. Kwon-Young Chin, Director Online Marketing - Lighting - Philips
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  • Marie Claire is instrumental in ensuring large online programs get delivered. Her personality allows her to connect to the creative minds as well as the technologists. With Marie Claire structure does follow strategy.

    June 30, 2009

    Mr. R. Clarijs, Head Online Marketing, Philips
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