About webprojectmanager.nl

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How can you ensure that your internet project maintains a focus on the objective from start to finish and addresses the concerns of all those involved? Webprojectmanager.nl takes the lead and translates your organization's online wishes into a viable, structured and well-grounded internet project. After almost ten years of experience at Capgemini, Marie Claire de Haas founded webprojectmanager.nl in December 2008.

Webprojectmanager.nl can rapidly familiarize itself with any new organization and identify the various aspects that characterize each internet project. We plan project phases in a professional fashion and implement each phase with the various parties involved inside and outside the organization. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have gained an exceptional amount of expertise in the various disciplines required for internet projects, e.g. design, build, content and implementation, as well as the embedding of a project within an organization once completed.

Webprojectmanager.nl has knowledge of generally recognized project management methodologies and applies these in a pragmatic fashion. Projects are managed professionally and implemented successfully in conjunction with your own staff.

If you are looking for these qualities in a project manager, then webprojectmanager.nl is the right partner for you!